Income ideas are a collection of many employees, low income earners and housewives. An interesting sentence that has a beautiful impact on the ears, as it carries with it many dreams and wishes for a better life.

Yesterday the search for passive income ideas to increase revenue was optional, as you could move forward, or you could be satisfied with your job.

Today this is no longer the case.

Today, as prices rise and inflation rises, the search for ideas to increase income has become an urgent need and a necessity of life. It is not only a hope to improve the standard of living, but also to fulfill the basic life obligations.

If you have not yet considered seeking new sources to increase your income, then surely you now need to put this matter among your life’s priorities.

In today’s article we will discuss a set of income ideas for increasing income that anyone serious can implement to increase their income.

Passive income ideas

There are an endless number of ideas that you can use to increase your income, and in ways that I say I’m very magical about. Just all you need is the desire to work hard, as well as striking a balance between both your working life and your personal life.

 This balance will help you make the best use of your work times and manage them, then choose a suitable idea and start working on it.

The first idea: learning a new skill is required within your career

Skills and what do you know what skills! We live in an age where the academic and scientific qualifications we obtain are no longer the most important factor in determining the amount of money we can obtain. Our working hours are also no longer a sufficient reason to obtain higher salaries.

It has evolved, my friend, the world today knows you through the skills you master.

For further clarification, I will explain to you the example of a real-life example that new graduates are going through.

First, answer this question: What is your current career (field of work)?

I will assume that your field of work is a customer service employee over the phone in one of the telecom companies (Department of Arabic Language), as it is one of the most common jobs that new graduates work in.

Now what is the nature of your work as a customer service employee? You respond to clients and try to help them, by answering their inquiries or solving their problems. is not it?!

If I asked you what skills do you have in customer service? Can you answer this question in practice? Let me ask you the same question, but in a different form: What skills did you plan to learn to increase your salary?

If your answer is none … Immediately plan to learn a new skill within your career specialization, so that you can increase your value in the job market, and this will necessarily lead to you getting more money. This is the first idea that you should think of as one of your passive income ideas, whatever your career specialization.

For example, a customer service employee in the English language department gets 50% more salary than you as a customer service employee in the Arabic language department (in fact).

Why? Because it is distinguished from you by having a skill that you do not possess, this skill is important and required in your professional specialization which is (mastery of the English language), and if you learn it you can also get a salary that is twice as much.

How can you start learning a new skill:

1- Do a comprehensive search through the Google platform, on the specialized skills required for your career specialization.

2- Do not learn more than one skill at the same time, just select one skill that you can start with, the skill building phase is long and continuous.

3- Select the courses that suit your level in learning this skill. It is best to select one source to learn from it, and do not distract yourself among many sources.

4- Create a plan during a specific period, for it will be 6 months, for example, so that you can move from the beginner to the intermediate level during it.

5- I advise you also, after a period of work to develop the skill that you learn, that you search for an opportunity for practical application in it in the company you work in, as well as making your business models, so that you can refine your experiences better.

This idea was the first to increase income. With this example, I wanted to show you how you can double your income in the same field of your professional specialty when you only learn one skill, so what if you learned more than one?

Note: Of course, the skills in the job market vary according to the job specialty in which you work. Perhaps you are working in a job specialization that requires mastery of selling or marketing skills, or perhaps you are working in a specialty that requires mastery of website programming skills, each according to his job specialization or field of work.

The second idea: sell a product related to your field of work

 Products are generally divided into:

1- Concrete products: These are the physical goods that we can touch directly when paying for their material value, such as consumer goods – mobile phones – medicines.

2- Intangible products: These are services and knowledge products of all kinds, such as website programming services, digital books that are written and sold on the Internet, training courses and others.

For example: If you work as a sales person in a smartphone store or accessory. What products in your field can you sell and increase your income with?

Here are some income ideas:

1- You can work on writing articles specialized in the field of mobile technology (intangible knowledge product).

2- Selling smart phone accessories (tangible consumer product).

You can sell it on the ground to your friends and acquaintances, or you can sell it online. Selling online is now affordable to all, and the article below discusses one of the easiest ways to sell online:

3- You can create a YouTube channel that specializes in evaluating smartphones, publishing news of new products from mobile companies, as well as making reviews of new phones and their capabilities (multiple intangible knowledge products).

How to start selling a product related to your field:

1- Study your field well and its related products through the company you work for.

2- Study the competitors who work in this same type of business, and know more about them, the nature of the products they offer and how they offer them. The more you allow yourself to study and research, the more endless number of tangible and intangible products that you can sell and increase your income through.

3- When you choose a product, make a simplified initial business model for it, so that through this form you can start practical application and develop the product after that.

4- Make a plan to market this product

Creating a marketing plan will make you do everything thoughtfully, and it will make you achieve more than great results.

Third idea: sell a product to your classmates or work

One of the income ideas of increasing revenue that I relied on during my undergraduate studies was selling products of a cosmetic and perfume company to school friends. For me, this was a profitable idea to increase my income, and it does not require much time or effort.

Examples of some products that can be sold to classmates or work:

  • Mobile phone accessories such as earphones.
  • Personal accessories of all kinds (bracelets – chains – silver items), and others.
  • Perfume and cosmetic products.
  • Note Books.

How can you start selling a product to classmates or work:

1- First, survey  random sample of co-workers or study, for example. Talk to some 10 to 100 people and ask them about:

  • The products they need during their time at university or work.
  • What are their problems with these products.
  • Are these products out of stock?
  • Are they available but are somewhat expensive?

2- Select one or more products among the products that have reached the most sought-after products.

3- Search for this product on Google and YouTube, and find out the prices at which it is sold, the people or companies that sell it, the components of the product and its manufacturing sources..etc.

Gather all the information you can about your chosen product.

4- Search for places to sell this product (in bulk) within your jurisdiction, by asking in the markets, asking on Facebook groups, asking friends and acquaintances.

5- Save some money from your weekly or monthly expenses, do not worry, you will not need much money, you can start with 100g only, it is not complicated.

6- Go to wholesale places and take a tour of the markets, know the prices well before buying, then buy one or two pieces of this product.

Fourth income idea: sell things that you can do without

Yes, what I read is completely true. One of the income ideas of increasing revenue that many people may not think of is selling things that you own, but you no longer need them, or you can do without them.

How do you start selling things that you can do without:

1- Make a list of the things you own that you can do without, whether new or used.

2- After I prepared the list of things that you will be selling, now is the time for the most important step in my view, which is to photograph these things. The step of photography is very important in attracting customers to communicate with you and buy these things.

3- Promote these things to sell them. You can display the products that you photographed on more than one free selling platform, including:

  • You can sell on the Facebook Marketplace. In this regard, you can return to the article I put in for you in the second idea above.
  • You can sell it by advertising it on Facebook’s business groups.
  • View it on the OLX platform.

Fifth idea: work with taxi companies

One of the popular income ideas for increasing your passive income is the idea of working with taxi companies like Uber, because it has a tremendous amount of flexibility in determining times and hours of work, and it is a profitable idea to improve and maximize your income securely.

How can you start working with Uber taxi companies:

1- First, you need to decide how you want to work with Uber.

Fortunately, a company like Uber provides multiple options to work with, and you can choose what suits you best:

  • Work as a driver in your car.
  • Work with your car only.
  • Work as a driver without a car (via a local Uber agent).
  • Work as a scooter.