Foods that protect the liver and help you lose weight. Was there a decision to lose weight among your New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, the year has already begun, and progress is probably not as great as you would like it to be. Well, as you already know, the ideal recipe for weight loss is a healthy combination of exercise and proper nutrition. So if exercise doesn’t work out, try eating first. Especially with foods that are good for the liver!

Foods that protect the liver: You are probably wondering why foods that are good for the liver are important in the first place? Your liver is responsible for burning most of your fat. So if you help it function properly by providing it with the right foods, it can do its job of burning fat well.

With that in mind, let us tell you about 8 foods you should eat to maintain liver health and lose weight!

Foods that protect the liver:


protect liver

Garlic is one of those foods that offer the most health benefits! However, in order to get all the benefits for the liver from this product, you should consume it in the morning, before breakfast.


These sharp-smelling white cloves are rich in selenium and allicin, which help with liver regeneration and cleansing. And if you’re worried about bad breath, just eat mint to neutralize the smell.


Not only are grapefruits delicious, but they are also quite nutritious! Enriched with high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, grapefruits (just like garlic) help keep your liver clean and free of toxins and carcinogens.

As for how and when you should eat it, try making this fruit a part of your breakfast, either sliced ​​or freshly squeezed.

Green tea or coffee

If you’re the kind of person who can’t imagine being without a drink in hand, switch from Coke to green tea or coffee. Both green tea and coffee have positive effects on liver health. These 2 drinks contain antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins that help prevent liver disease so they can perform their full fat-burning function.



Without them, not a single table in India is unthinkable, but it’s time to include avocados in your diet. This amazing fruit is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are the “good” fats your body needs.

But that’s not all! Avocados also help your liver produce compounds like glutathione, which helps burn fat and eliminate toxins. In addition, several medical practitioners are pushing for the inclusion of avocados in the weight loss diet.

BuckwheatIs your diet filled with fats that make it impossible to lose weight? Replace fatty foods with buckwheat to be slimmer! Buckwheat contains a compound known as inositol, which helps regulate your metabolism and acts as a hepatoprotection. And the benefits don’t end there.

Studies have shown that it also has an effect on fats in the liver. In addition, buckwheat contains a large number of amino acids that give your body the strength to train!



Weight loss should not be accompanied by eating tasteless food! The diet should include artichokes. These delicious green buds are the perfect weight-loss food and can not only keep your liver healthy but do the same for your pancreas. The natural enzymes found in artichokes detoxify your liver and also act as an optimizer and protector of fat absorption.


We all know well that a turmeric face mask can give your skin a glow, but did you know that consuming turmeric is actually good for the liver? This anti-inflammatory spice promotes healthy liver function so you feel healthier every day and can avoid fatty liver disease.


You can either add this spice to your food or mix it with honey and warm water to stimulate the weight loss process. Add some lime to this drink in case you don’t like the taste of raw turmeric.

Beets and raisins

One of the best natural remedies for liver repair is a beet and raisin smoothie. This delicious drink will not only protect your liver and help you lose weight, but it will also give you a generous dose of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Here’s how to do it:

Boil 2 ½ cups of water and add 300 g of finely chopped beets along with ½ cup of raisins. Do this only after you remove the boiling water from the heat. Now cover the pot and let the mixture cool for 45 minutes. After it cools, put the mixture in a blender, and blend until you get a smooth and uniform texture. Add a few drops of lemon juice and drink in the morning for five consecutive days.

So who said weight loss has to be difficult? Simple changes to your diet can easily help you lose weight!

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