Stylist Lyubov Romanova has compiled 6 main rules for comfortable shopping, which will save you from unnecessary expenses and pointless purchases. Be sure to remember!

I have been dressing people for many years and I want to share my “safety precautions” for the most painless shopping experience. I am not kidding. For those who independently decide the issue of updating their wardrobe, it is very important.

Avoid mass

If you see the same model of a skirt, jeans, trousers, or something else and you get the impression that this is a conspiracy of stores, there is a strong suspicion that this “fashionable” thing has already gone out of fashion. As soon as something appears at the same time in all stores – the same cut, with a similar finish or pattern – know: this thing is most likely already outdated.

Know when to stop

Don’t buy things that are VERY cheap. This is the problem of most women: they fall into a trap and buy things for a penny, and then they don’t know what to wear with them. They just succumb to the hype and are blinded by the availability.

Do not repeat

I have been taking apart wardrobes for many years and I see the same thing: 10 turtlenecks, 10 absolutely identical white shirts, skirts, jeans and so on. Do not produce clones!

Calculate durability

Look at the quality and think about how many times you can wear this thing. Conduct a 20-second test: clench the fabric into a fist, and then see what it has become … It will look exactly the same in stress areas – buttocks, groin, elbows, knees.

Protect yourself – make a list

Before going to the store for new clothes, make a list of necessary things. Don’t rely on lists from the internet! This has nothing to do with you. Make the list you make when you go to the grocery. And do not step back a step! Dopamines, the hormones of happiness, are produced instantly, as soon as you get into the store, and it blows your mind. By the way, this is why shopaholics cannot stop and buy everything in a row during periods of discounts.

Take clothes for shopping

Be sure to take the item to which you want to buy something. For example, you have a skirt, but the top is somehow not located. It is necessary to take this skirt and try on tops for it in the fitting room. By eye, from memory – it will not work! Checked.

Be careful! And good shopping!