Natural Blood Thinner Preventing Blood Clots

Natural Blood Thinner! Blood circulation is vital for every organ in our body to be nourished and functioning properly. In this context, we would like to tell you about foods that can be natural blood thinners and some information.

Natural Blood Thinner

If there is not enough blood reaching your organs, a blood clot is likely blocked in its path. These clots, which can occur for various reasons, can cause very serious problems depending on where they are formed.


For example, the aortic vein is the pathway of blood that carries oxygen to the body. If it is clogged, it will not produce good results at all. Blood thinners and natural blood thinners are used to prevent this type of blockage.

In many cases, blood clots form to prevent blood loss from an injury. As the injury heals and the wound closes, the clot dissolves spontaneously and there is no problem.

However, a clot formed in large vessels without any injury is a much more serious problem and the body cannot resolve this clot on its own. This is why people have a stroke.

Unable to be fed with oxygen, the brain begins to die and slowly shut down and cannot use oxygen to maintain vital functions. For this reason, blood thinners are vital.

What Are Natural Blood Thinners?

Before we talk about natural blood thinners, we want to talk a little more about blood clots. Clots, especially in the vessels carrying clean blood, prevent sufficient oxygen to be carried to vital organs. These types of clots usually form on the hands and feet. However, in more severe cases, it has been observed that it occurs in the brain and causes paralysis.