The penis is a symbol of masculine masculinity. Taking care of the penis is very important not only for the health of the male reproductive organs but also for partner satisfaction. A healthy penis can also provide sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. There are various ways to treat the penis. One of them pays attention to what you eat.

Good food to keep your penis healthy


The penis is divided into four main parts: the shaft of the penis, the foreskin (preputial), the glans, and the meatus. The main function of the penis, in addition to intercourse, is also reproduction (removal of sperm to obtain offspring). For this, certain foods are believed to help nourish the penis. What foods make your penis healthy?


Bananas are rich in potassium, which can improve blood circulation from the heart throughout the body. This smooth circulation can help your penis achieve a better erection.


You should put spinach on your daily grocery list, why? Because spinach is rich in iron, it can increase the production of healthy blood cells to help establish and achieve more satisfying sexual relationships.



Research has shown that tomatoes are rich in compounds known as lycopene. This compound can keep your penis healthy if a man eats tomatoes regularly, and not only keeps his penis healthy. However, it can also prevent prostate cancer.


Who does not know the freshness of the watermelons that you always eat if the day is hot due to sunburn? It turns out that this fruit can support the health of your penis. Watermelon is a fruit rich in a compound known as L-citrulline. This compound is an amino acid that helps the penis become stronger and harder when erecting.


Another healthy foods for the penis are pomegranates. Why is pomegranate good for your penis? because pomegranate is very rich in antioxidants that can increase testosterone levels in the body to prevent erectile dysfunction.


6.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known to increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a mood-enhancing hormone that can supposedly increase libido and strengthen erections.


Do you like French fries or boiled potatoes? It turns out this food benefits your penis. Potatoes are vegetables that are rich in potassium and can improve circulation for strong erections.


Who doesn’t know the benefits of honey? Since it is rich in antioxidants, honey should not be separated from a person’s daily diet. Honey can help keep your penis healthy from health problems.


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