The bloated stomach is extremely uncomfortable and it is sometimes a painful experience. It is a situation when the abdomen feels full and gaseous, and may also be noticeably swollen.

A lot of people have numerous unhealthy habits that only worsen their entire health. They practice these habits every day without even recognizing that they obstruct their digestion and make them feel bloated which will lead to indigestion and acidic reflux.

Bloating is a kind of condition that affects a huge number of people. The digestive issues, which include bloating, abdominal pain, as well acid reflux frequently, happen after consuming a heavy meal just like dairy products or acidic foods.


Fortunately, this article that we have contains some of the unhealthy habits that provide severe pain to you.

Here are the top 7 unhealthy habits that can lead to bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux:


Alcohol is usually infamous for causing bloat. It could be from the gluten in your favorite wheat or barley that was based on beer or simply from the effect of the alcohol, of any type, can have on your guts. Open the next page to see the unhealthy habits and foods: