The new school year has started and the whole learning process starts again … There are 10 life hacks for the school – 10 survival tricks for all classes.

1st school life hacks

It may sound boring or too expensive, but give it a try: a learning calendar or a diary for school. There you enter all school assignments, possible exes or excursions, school trips, or vacations. It is a bit exhausting at the beginning, but you can plan much better when an ex or question comes up. Sometimes you look at the calendar and only find a handful of possible dates, it saves you a lot of time while studying!

2nd school life hacks

Can’t remember a formula, year, definition, or topic at all? No problem! You only need your cell phone and a summary of the topic or book entry. Start the recording file on your smartphone and read the summary or formula aloud. Now you can relax more or less: listen to the file before going to sleep or on a car trip, so you will remember everything much better!

3th school life hacks

Hack 3 is as handy as # 2. Write a very short summary (the best way to do this is with formulas or rules in German, English or French) and copy it a few times. Now hang the cards on the toilet, your room, the mirror (or other places where you often stay). Whenever you are in these places now, you learn at the same time. Nice, is not it?

4th school life hacks

You are currently writing a school assignment or ex and you are totally unconcentrated? Try it out here: try to watch the clock in your classroom for a minute without blinking! You probably think how stupid that is right now, but trust me, it helps!

5th school life hacks

Do you like to chew gum and feel like you have to study 10 subjects at the same time? You just need a lot of different flavors and a little patience. Let’s take history as an example: my magazine is green, so I chew apple chewing gum while studying (everyone else does too !!). After a while, the brain links the apple chewing gum with history and you can (but only if the teacher expressly allows it!) While exes in this subject access your knowledge much easier!

6th school life hacks

Do you have a presentation in front of you or do you have to speak to a lot of people? Then stand on one leg for a while! Does it look stupid? True, but your stage fright disappears! (Now a little tip for extracurricular appearances: You take a raw egg and try to bring it to a stand on a table, it sounds impossible, but it works! With that, your stage fright will quickly disappear, promise!)

7th school life hacks

Tomorrow is an ex or school assignment or question and you have hardly learned? Read everything before going to sleep, it is not a guarantee but the brain can remember things best before sleeping. An attempt can’t hurt!

8th school life hacks

You don’t feel like getting up, especially after the holidays? Who does not know that? Just place a glass of water (!) Next to the bed before you sleep and drink it immediately after waking up because in most cases you are simply dehydrated! By the way: You have set several alarm clocks to sleep as long as possible? Bad idea! Better just set an alarm clock and get up immediately, it’s really disgusting but after a while, you will be less tired. It’s best to put the alarm clock right at the end of the room, so you have no way out but to get up!

9th school life hacks

The next hack is especially for us social people. To learn a lot of definitions again for the school assignment? My personal trick is to learn a few with different highlighters (quietly also mark unimportant words) and then learn from color to color. Meanwhile, run around the room or house and read the sections aloud. You are also welcome to juggle or do other memory sports! After that, you only have to repeat the index cards every day!

10th school life hacks

The last hack, so watch out! Ever heard of the “90-20-90” method? No? It is very simple, our brain can concentrate on one topic for a maximum of 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the method is more for adults, so I recommend you take about 30-40 minutes, then take a break of 15-20 minutes. Your brain will remember a lot more through the tolerable learning times than through hours of tinkering!

These were 10 more or less life-saving tips for school time, choose two or three hacks and try it out! But please don’t expect miracles, some things take time, start early! After a week you can already see the first successes with many learning methods and now have fun trying it out!