It’s the little things that take your nerves away – or make everyday school life easier. You won’t want to miss these insider school hacks that will help you: Here are 12 brilliant tricks for (almost) all cases.

Small tricks with huge impact: 12 worthwhile school hacks

From Google tips and emergency kits to a secret weapon against smelly sports shoes: With these clever and completely uncomplicated hacks you can now make your student life significantly easier. Minimal effort – maximum effect: We have put our 12 favorites in a nutshell.

1st school hack For those working on it: practical to-do list

It is particularly easy to organize yourself with a to-do list that consists of sticky notes. Regardless of whether you buy a memo board or simply stick Post-its on a wall in your room with “Mon.” to “So.”: The main thing is that you have a place where you can put your sticky notes in a visible place.

From homework to private appointments, every item on your to-do list gets its own Post-it and is “carded” under the corresponding weekday. It’s best to stick homework on the day it needs to be done. This way you keep an overview and always know what is due on which day. You can tear off what you have done and throw it away as a reward. At this point at the latest, your “sticky note planner” wins over apps and mobile notes!

2nd school hack For seekers: better than the standard Google

Google knows the answer to almost everything. When researching and learning, you will always be happy to ask “Uncle Google”. Better than the standard search page I use Google Scholar. At you can do a much more targeted search – and get hit lists that are much more helpful for school hack and teaching.

3rd school hack For color lovers: differentiate more easily

So that you no longer have to rummage around, mark your notebooks in color. Math blue, English green, German red – or whatever you like. Hold the exercise books so that you look at them from above and paint the corners from above. So when you look down into your pocket, you immediately see your “color code” and pull out the right booklet straight away.

4th For clumsy people: save books again

Can always happen: A book gets wet or a page gets an unsightly donkey’s ear. The faster you take care of yourself, the better your chances of success. For wet books, it’s best to carefully separate the pages immediately before sticking them together. You put blotting paper or kitchen paper between the pages, then the book comes on the heater or you dry it with a hair dryer. If the sides are only slightly damp, you can iron them carefully (be sure to test them at a small corner first).

It is best to iron donkey ears directly again – literally, with an iron. To do this, place a cotton cloth between paper and iron. And here you also cleverly test the whole thing on a “test sheet”.

5th school hack For greased people: Get rid of “finger paint”

Do you have pin stains on your fingers that don’t want to go away with soap? For attached cultist strips and the like, try it with nail polish remover. To do this, put a little nail polish remover on a cotton pad, press it lightly on the smeared area and let the whole thing take effect for a short time. Then you rub it over again – and there is nothing left to see.

6th school hack For those in a hurry: leave room

Are you starting a new topic? Then leave some space in your notebook before you start with the new notes. The same also applies to tasks that you have solved or on index cards that you create for the exam preparation. Most of the time you can think of additions, comments or important explanations afterwards. So that you don’t have to write everything down again (or create chaos in your notes with microscopic, barely readable additions), it is worthwhile to always leave some extra space wisely and with foresight.

7th school hack For emergencies: first aid kits

Put together an emergency kit that you always have with you in your pocket or backpack. Small, big rescuers in need can be, for example, a mini-deodorant, (blister) plasters, chewing gum and / or cough drops, handkerchiefs and, if necessary, tampons or sanitary towels. If you need certain medications (such as an asthma spray) these are also in good hands here. Sooner or later the “case of the fall” comes – and you are glad that you have made provisions.

8th school hack For nose hulls: help against muff

Everyone knows shoes or bags that smell of old socks. This is where 2-3 simple tea bags help, which you put in your treads or bag overnight. The little helpers absorb the smell quietly and secretly. The next morning you can calmly take a nose.

9th school hack For the hungry and those suffering from pain: the perfect emergency snack

If your stomach hangs in the back of your knees or your skull roars, treat yourself to a handful of almonds. They immediately deliver new, good energy and even help against headaches. It is best to always have a small bag with you – just like your emergency kit.

10th For music lovers: first chewing gum, then headphones

Tired of throwing the knotted headphones out of your pocket every lunchtime? Then it’s best to store them in an empty bubble gum can. There they are safely stored and stay free of tangled cables and knots.

11th For distracted people: prefer flight mode

Even if it is difficult for you: In class and also when studying and doing homework at home, you better switch your smartphone to flight mode. This saves you one or two admonitions in class (and loud ringing surprise calls) and helps you to concentrate on learning. Nice side effect: because you work more concentrated, you are also much faster – and can reward yourself with a little smartphone time after work.

12th For the foresighted: get it back on time

The best way to repeat new learning content is within a day. So review the notes you made in the morning in class on the same day. That sounds like a lot of extra work. But: Your “memorization rate” increases significantly. And that saves you a lot of learning time at the back.