school hack 1

Do homework with friends! This is a cool way to combine business with pleasure – to chat and prepare for classes. Moreover, the tasks themselves, reports, and issues will take much less time – if you do not understand something, ask a friend or girlfriend to explain. You can even divide the tasks into two. Although then you have to delve into the task done by another, so as not to sit in a puddle on the control.

When it gets warm outside – it’s nice to get out for a picnic, and in winter it is most convenient to get together at home alone. But most importantly – do not forget why you all gathered. And then, poking fun at each other, you can forget about time and deeds. And then with unlearned lessons, your whole company will remain. 

school hack 2

To prevent wind from blowing in your head, you need to create a “clue” – to do the same action during preparation for the control and right in front of it. Most of all we react to tastes and smells – even now I can feel in my tongue the taste of my favorite strawberry cocktail, and with it, where and with whom I drank it.

Buy chewing gum with an interesting taste and chew it while you are studying a subject. Then get the second before the control, and the formulas will pop up in your head as if Potter conjured them. Remember: you need to choose a chewing gum, the taste of which you try for the first time, otherwise, you will be carried away by thoughts last August when you walked so cool with friends … What are the tasks!

If the chewing gum in your school is prohibited, replace it with perfume: a couple of zilch in preparation and before the control, and no problems with dates and terms!

school hack 3

Trying to control yourself and not go online while doing homework is not a test for the faint of heart. Especially if you are looking for information for the abstract on the site. How can you resist the temptation?

Stop mocking yourself and try to apply one little trick. Download the site blocker and select from the list (or manually enter) addresses that you cannot enter during the preparation of lessons on pain of death penalty. Plus, you can choose the time for which you want to block sites. Now nothing will distract you from trying to gnaw at the granite of science! And after a treasured couple of hours of social networks are unlocked, and again you can dive into online life with your head.

school hack 4

Create a school playlist on your phone, player, or iPod. Only no incendiary melodies: you are not going to a disco, but you are tuned to gnaw at the granite of science. A good solution is a classic. If you can’t stand it, download jazz, lounge, or ambient to the player. Such tracks do an excellent job of silencing annoying noise. If you are too lazy to select songs, test ready-made playlists. On the Internet, their sea.

This idea has one more plus. After a couple of weeks of using the school playlist, as soon as you hear the first track, you will immediately begin to reach for the textbook. The brain will develop a reflex (like Pavlov’s dogs), and you will begin to more easily perceive new information and cope with tasks.

school hack 5

If you know that you should get up early in the morning, and you will have to sit until late:

  1. Brew strong black tea in the mug in the evening
  2. Let it cool and fill it in ice tins
  3. Put in the freezer for the night
  4. In the morning, your saviors will be ready: one cube is more than enough to remove the consequences of lack of sleep
  5. Massage the skin under your eyes with light circular motions

You will see how it changes before our eyes: it becomes soft, pleasant to the touch, and there were no bruises!