Eggs are present in the refrigerator of almost every person. This is a universal product from which you can prepare a delicious dish. However, if you did not know, eggs do not combine with some foods. If you use them together, then important vitamins are not absorbed by the body.

We will tell you what foods to eat separately from eggs, so as not to harm your digestion.


Eggs and fish are completely incompatible. The fact is that when eating eggs, certain vitamins are not absorbed, which are found in large quantities in oily fish, such as salmon and salmon.


Some people like to eat stewed rice with egg. However, the dish at the same time loses all its benefits. To get maximum vitamins, it is advisable to eat rice porridge separately.


Such a dish familiar to many people, such as fried potatoes with an egg, or a salad with such ingredients, can disrupt digestion and cause stomach discomfort. Besides, the substances found in potatoes neutralize iron and calcium from eggs.


You have probably heard that certain foods rich in protein are not compatible with each other. Milk should be consumed separately so that the vitamins and calcium contained in it benefit the body.


If you eat eggs in combination with cheese, you may experience heaviness in the stomach. The body is not easy to digest several protein products at the same time.


After eating eggs, eating fruit is not recommended for at least an hour. It’s all about the speed of digestion. Fruits are assimilated within 10-15 minutes, and the eggs require a longer period.

Fatty Dairy Products

Eating eggs with animal fats is not prohibited. Many people eat eggs with mayonnaise. But, the fact is that a combination of protein and fat can trigger inhibition of digestion. It is recommended not to lean on butter, mayonnaise and other dairy products when eating eggs.

Eggs are best combined with herbs and vegetables that do not contain starch.

Do not mix incompatible products and you will feel great.