Fresh meat is a staple food, especially for men. And we, the mistresses, have to buy it quite often. Probably, many doubt whether they choose meat correctly. Especially given how many scary stories are now being told about him. We will try to help you deal with this problem. 

So how do you choose the right fresh meat in the market or in the supermarket? 

1. Pay attention to its appearance. The meat should not be dark – this indicates its low grade and blood is collected in this place. And that means that the slaughter of the animal was wrong. Blood is a carrier of infections and microorganisms, especially in the summer. 

So, if there are noticeable blood clots, hematomas, and darkened places on the meat, you should know that these are places where harmful bacteria develop. Quality meat is stored for 3 days, meat with blood – 1 day. The real color of pork is hot pink, beef is a rich brown. The meat in which the hormones are present is bright red and slightly friable. 

2. You need to put pressure on the meat . If, after pressing a finger on the meat, it returns to its previous shape, then the meat is high-quality and good. If you put pressure on the meat and a dent remains, it means the meat of the animal that was killed incorrectly or it was already thawed. It is not advisable to buy such meat, because after frying it will be very dry and hard. 

3. You need to determine the smell of meat. Fresh meat will have a gentle pleasant sweetish aroma. If the meat is no longer the “first” freshness, its flavor will be either sour or bitter, it may even have the smell of antibiotics. You should always pay attention to this and be on the alert. 

4. Meat should not be “leeward” . Fresh meat should shine, should not be dry and dull in appearance. 

5. Pay attention to the tray in which the meat lies . If there is a lot of water in the tray, it means the meat was or thawed; or added water to it to increase weight; or is it meat cooked already with a certain brine, which extends its shelf life. This brine is prepared on the basis of citric acid salts. Acid itself is not harmful – its quantity is harmful.

After processing with this substance, the meat will be darkish in color, if you touch it, you will notice that the hand sticks to it and it becomes like “plasticine”. Unscrupulous sellers can add from 10 to 20% water to 1 kg of meat. That is, the meat will become 20% heavier.

We will be glad if our tips help you decide which meat to buy and which not, and why!