For the press.

Perform standard crunches.

On the following approaches, you can raise your legs up and down or do an elbow-knee exercise.

Running with high legs.

Run in place, raising your legs as high as possible. Stretch your arms forward and try to reach them with your knees.

For sides.

Perform alternate side bends.

When you complete the set of exercises, complete the first circle. For maximum effect, do two circles: rest for a minute and repeat the whole complex from the beginning. 

You can choose the exercises for your liking. Their number is practically unlimited. Gradually increase the load from 40 seconds to a minute. Rest time does not change.

You can perform the same workout using the Tabata system: do the exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.


There is special music with a countdown on the Internet: you do not need to constantly turn on the timer.

If you will do the Tabata system, do 4 rounds of exercises.

You have learned how to properly lose weight through exercise. Circuit training is optimal for fast weight loss. Exercise regularly and you will soon see a positive result.

How to eat right to lose weight

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