Lower back pain is familiar to many. They can appear in 17-year-olds, but for people of age, this is almost inevitable. Doctors say that a third of the population has serious illnesses in this area, and widespread pain has arisen because they were not treated on time. So, the lower back hurts. What to do? First, ask what factors affect the condition of the back.

Why does the lower back hurt

This refers to the section of the spine below the ribs. This part is very vulnerable and wears out faster than the others. Why? First of all, from the stress on the intervertebral discs. The pressure on them does not disappear even in the supine position.

It would seem that it is easier to sit, nevertheless, the pressure on the discs, in this case, reaches 150 kg / cm², and if you also slouch – all 220. As a result of such loads, the cartilaginous layer is erased, nerve fibers are clamped. This is the cause of back pain in almost 90% of cases.

The risk group for diseases of the lower back falls for various reasons:

  • Due to the curvature of the spine. This problem already arises in school-age children: due to improperly selected furniture, violations of the regime of alternation of work and rest, physical inactivity.
  • Due to a long stay in one position – both sitting and standing. People of many professions work this way.
  • Hypothermia, overexertion can cause back pain. Weak back muscles are the result of ignoring exercise and exercise.
  • Being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol affects the condition of the spine.
  • Even poor nutrition and lack of vitamins in the body, together with other factors, negatively affect this area.

Back pain is different. Acute lumbago may occur as a result of overstraining: if you suddenly and incorrectly lift a weight, work until you drop in the garden or cottage.

f the pain still allows you to move, but 2-3 days do not pass, it is time to see a doctor. If you endure it, then there is a risk of transition from an acute form to a chronic one. And this is constant discomfort and aching annoying pain. Remember that self-medication in such a situation is strictly prohibited. It can seriously harm your health.

If a lumbago is given to the leg, this is a serious symptom of an intervertebral hernia, which requires immediate treatment.

Lower back pain: treatment with alternative methods

Traditional medicine recipes, of course, have been tested in the experience of many generations who have lived without medical help. But modern people still need to find out the cause of any back pain to be treated correctly and not to miss a serious diagnosis. Home remedies will be a good help in this, alleviate the condition, and relieve pain.

lower back pain

Traditional medicine is rich in different recommendations on what to do if your lower back hurts:



More often it is advised to use compresses – films are applied over the remedy and wrapped with something warm. The leaves of burdock, horseradish, previously scalded with boiling water, help well. It is recommended to apply grated radish or horseradish to the lower back, adding sour cream or oil to them so that there is no burn.

Another effective recipe is with horse chestnut. It is dried, ground to a powdery state, combined in equal parts with melted lard and camphor oil.

For compresses, vegetable tinctures are suitable: black elderberry, chamomile, St. John’s wort, thyme. Any compresses should not cause burning, only tolerable heat and slight tingling


Among the popular recipes, there is the so-called grandmother’s rubbing: in 300 g of alcohol, 10 ml of camphor alcohol and iodine, 10 crushed tablets of Analgin are added. Mix everything, leave for 21 days in the dark. But you can apply it immediately.

Another recipe for grinding – on the classic “Triple cologne”: add 2 bottles of iodine and valerian, 5 bitter peppers. The sore spot is rubbed with these drugs and wrapped in something warm.


Warming up

Often you want to warm your sore lower back. Baths with mustard or mint, bags of sand calcined in a frying pan – this folk experience can also be applied.

Saline dressings

The use of salt dressings stands apart from the numerous groups of folk recipes. They are effective in any inflammatory process because salt draws out all the pathogenic microflora from deep tissues.

For dressings, make a solution of salt in hot water (100 g per 1 liter), impregnate it with gauze folded in several layers, or a clean cloth made of natural fibers. Squeeze, apply to the sore spot, on top – a clean dry towel. Never compress! The bandage can be left overnight.

For the patient, there is a completely desperate method: take a bunch of fresh nettles and whip them on the lower back. It will bake, but along with the burning sensation, they say, the pain will go away.

Please note that the information provided is only a general idea of ​​how to use folk remedies for lower back pain. We recommend that you visit a specialist doctor before using the described treatments.

The manifestations of lower back pain are diverse, and the folk recipe against them is no less rich. But we must remember the main thing – these are good, but still auxiliary methods in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. If you had to experience such a nuisance as lower back pain, what helped?