How to clean the lungs from the remnants of smoking for smokers and those who have quit

Smoking is one of the long-standing problems of various countries around the world. In today’s modern world, it is not uncommon for our eyes to see that even some young people and teenagers are smoking. Tobacco or cigarette is one of the main reasons why there are types of non-communicable diseases that cause the death of almost ten Filipinos every hour that passes. According to a survey conducted by the Global Youth Tobacco Survey in 2015, almost 12% of students between the ages of 13 and 15 are already smoking. It is also said that three out of ten Filipinos are adult smokers.

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The warning is true and it is written on the outside of the cigarette pack just like “Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to your Health.” Cigarette use or smoking deliberately causes a variety of negative effects on your health in many ways. The effect is due to the various types of toxins that cigarettes contain such as nicotine, which is an addictive chemical, carbon monoxide, which is also a type of chemical found in exhaust. of vehicles, hydrogen cyanide, another type of chemical found in bombs, and many others. If we all combine this, there are over 400 different types of toxins in a standard cigarette.

If we alone list the side effects that cigarettes have, there are so many of them and we will show you some of them so you know what they do for your health. Here are some of the side effects, Open the next page to read them:

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