4-Overloading on Fiber

Certain foods that are packed with fiber including beans and cruciferous vegetables can lead to bloating in people who do not eat them regularly.

Eating an excessive amount of dietary fiber might cause abdominal pain and embarrassing gas. Your body can’t digest fiber, but bacteria in your colon can and they release gas in the process.

Try combining these foods slowly into your regular diet to allow the gut to develop the bacteria that is required to break them down.



Sometimes bloating is due to certain ingredients and sometimes it is simply because of excessive food consumption.

Eating too fast almost always leads to bloating. When we eat too quickly, we tend to inhale a lot of air and not chew our food well enough.

Consuming regular small meals will help you in countering the urge to eat bigger portions and overeat, which can lead to bloating due to the heavy load of food that requires to be digested at one time. Open the next page to continue reading: