We all love to cook, but we hate to shed tears during cut onions. With our advice, we will try to help you solve this problem. But first, explain where you start to cry. Onion contains the substance of a lacrimator. Also in parallel with it is sulfuric acid, which irritates the lining of the eye, after which tearing begins.

We offer some tips on how to cut onions without shedding a tear.

1. Normal chewing gum. During cutting, you need to chew gum. The whole point is when we chew, we automatically breathe more with our mouths. And while there is no process of irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye.

2. Matches. Take a match in your mouth from the sulfur side. But the essence is that, while consuming one substance in the form of sulfur, we do not have inside the body an irritant for the sulfur that is released when cutting onions.

3. The salt. Pour a little salt on a chopping board where you will cut onions. What happens: at the time of cutting the onion, the salt absorbs all the harmful substances that cause tearing.

4. Water. Take a mouthful of water and cut onions with pleasure without tears.

5. The candle. Light the candle and place it near the cutting board where you cut the onions. And everything is very simple. All substances, including sulfuric acid, which produces onions, burn in the candle flame.

Be sure that all these folk methods of how to chop onions without tears work with a bang