If you think that calories is a calorie in Africa, and it doesn’t matter whether it is in cabbage or cookies, then it is time to rethink your knowledge of calories. It doesn’t matter what your mom, a running trainer, or even a doctor taught you – not all calories are the same. 

Do not think that you will lose weight by counting them or trimming them – most likely, you will become hungry, irritable, exhausted, and not slimmer than when you started to lose weight.

1. Not all calories are the same

“All calories are the same” – this is not so. Yes, indeed, by definition, a calorie is the amount of energy we get from food. But to think that they are all equal- It’s the same as saying that a real diamond and an artificial one are the same, since both shine. In calories, as in diamonds, quality plays a major role and adds value.

2. Chips and rolls are harmful regardless of how many calories they have.

Calories from healthy foods and calories from unhealthy foods — processed or refined carbohydrates — have different effects on the body. Healthy, nutritious foods satisfy hunger, maintain blood sugar at a stable level, and reduce the urge to snack.

The brain with its help sends a signal to the stomach that it is full. non-nutritious food produces the opposite effect – it damages the hormonal system, dramatically changes insulin levels, stimulates appetite, slows down satiety signals, and leads to overeating. Nutritious food helps to naturally control weight without a calculator.

3. Think of a calorie count as a useless digging up.

Keeping track of every grain you put in your mouth may give you a sense of control over your food, but that does not mean that you get all the nutrients your body needs. Imagine people who eat processed, portioned, “diet” foods that are cooked in the microwave.

Such foods are overloaded with chemicals, GMOs, and allergens. They do not give enough protein, fiber, healthy fats. Also, such food will not let you feel full and will only harm your health. As a result, you are hungry, mentally exhausted, exhausted, which will necessarily lead to several health problems in the future. But then you carefully and carefully calculated all the calories, no matter what it costs.

4. I heard that someone lost weight by eating sandwiches!

Yes, such a diet exists. You can cut calories, and – yes, it works for a while, but is not recommended. It is very difficult to maintain such a diet in the long run, and in the short run, it will not bring energy and a good mood, because you will not provide the body with the necessary set of nutrients.

Even worse, these radical diets slow down the metabolism that your body has set up to conserve energy efficiently and prevent starvation.

So what is the workaround? Replace hunger, calorie count, and rejection of foods by eating nutritious foods, organic foods (or locally produced foods), poultry, and animals fed on plant feed and commercial fish.

Eat these foods until you are full, and not until you get to some abstract, meaningless amount of calories. By receiving this food, your body will tell you when to stop. But if you have refined carbohydrates like wheat, cereals, and sugar – they are also called “supermarket methamphetamines” – then you will not hear such a clear signal.

5. Set aside the scores and fill the stomach with the right food.

To curb your appetite, eat foods that fill your stomach, send a signal of satiety to the brain, and replenish your supply of nutrients that promote good health. There is plenty of evidence that low-carb diets work much more efficiently than high-carb diets.

The list of the most “saturated” foods leads to healthy fats: coconut oil, avocado, nuts, commercial fish, and meat of animals fed on vegetable feed. These products help balance hormonal and metabolic processes, not to mention the fact that they have great taste and aroma.

The next in the ranking are non-starchy vegetables that are nutritious and well saturate. And last but not least, protein, which helps create a feeling of fullness and requires a lot of energy to digest. As a result, all these three components will help to weaken your appetite without much effort, sudden spikes in blood sugar, and without counting calories. All that is required of you is to include them in the diet and enjoy it.