To make it easier for you and simplify house cleaning, we decided to collect the best household life hacks. In this post, you’ll find budget replacement ideas for expensive detergents, and learn how to extend the life of your favorite items, and get rid of stubborn stains with ease. Everything is in express mode.

Idea number 1: everything with you

A small plastic box is an irreplaceable assistant during general cleaning. It will save you from having to go from room to room to get left behind detergents. Put them in a drawer and carry it with you.


Idea number 2: complete order

To make cleaning at home easier and faster, tidy up the kitchen cabinet where you store your detergents. Hang up rubber glove hooks, fold your rags, and brushes neatly to make it easier to find what you need.

Idea number 3: when time is running out

It is not possible to clean the bathroom before going to work. But you can use the time to your advantage: in the morning, fill the toilet with cleaning liquid, and in the evening walk along the walls with a brush. Just a few minutes – and you can forget about the exhausting cleaning on the weekend.

Idea # 4: mine-to-holes

Use folk remedies, such as alcohol or soap solution, to fight greasy stains. Rest assured that they will do just as well as an expensive cleaner. Just wet the sponge and feel free to go on the offensive.

Idea # 5: clever disguise

Was your favorite leather chair worn out? Stop shopping because shoe polish is the perfect remedy for scratches and scuffs. Just remember to let it dry.

Idea # 6: Die Hard

Walnut can help you hide imperfections in wood furniture. Just rub the problem area with it, and the pulp of the nut will hide all scratches and imperfections – as if by magic.

Idea number 7: updated iron

And you can clean the iron with salt. To do this, line the ironing board with paper and sprinkle some salt on it. Then set the iron knob to the maximum setting, making sure there is no water in the iron and the Steam function is off. By running a heated iron over the salt, you can easily clean it of dirt.

Idea number 8: no stains

A clean white brush and a little rubbing alcohol can help remove stains from the sofa. Add a pinch of baking soda to get rid of the bad smell. All ingenious is simple!

Idea number 9: glass cleaner

To make cleaning your shower stall easier, buy a glass cleaner, which you usually use to clean your car windows. Every time you leave the shower, wipe the cabin with a glass cleaner – the walls of the shower will sparkle.

Idea number 10: goodbye, raid!

Vinegar can help remove limescale deposits from the faucet or shower head. Pour it into a plastic bag and use an elastic band to secure it to the shower head. Within an hour, all plaque will disappear without a trace.

Idea number 11: for the little ones

Do not throw away your old toothbrush, because it will help you get to hard-to-reach places: various corners, recesses, grooves in plumbing fixtures, containers and household appliances. A little soapy water – and a toothbrush will become an effective and budgetary replacement for special cleaners.

Idea number 12: to keep it clean

Baby oil will become your indispensable assistant: with its help you can easily polish chrome-plated surfaces to a shine. Just dab some oil on a cotton cloth or sponge and wipe down the chrome parts.

Idea number 13: the power of citrus fruits

And with the help of grapefruit, you can clean the bath from limescale. To do this, cut the fruit in half and add salt to the half you will be cleaning the tub with.

Idea number 14: when renovation is a joy

Washing your hands of paint will not be so difficult if you lubricate them with hand cream first. And you can use vinegar to wipe stubborn “colorful” stains from walls, doors, furniture and clothes.

Idea # 15: a natural stain remover

Have you planted a tough spot? It doesn’t matter – apply a thick layer of laundry soap on the dried spot and, without rinsing it off, wash the thing in a typewriter. This method can be used to remove red wine or coffee stains. Considering its safety, even baby clothes can be washed this way.

Idea number 16: like chalk

And the greasy stain can be easily removed with the help of crumbled chalk. Rub it into the stain on the fabric and after a few hours, the chalk will completely absorb the grease. After that, the clothes should be washed with the usual means. This is most effective for fresh stains.

Idea number 17: as good as new

Snow-white linen is not only in advertising. Soak items in hot water with laundry detergent, crushed dishwasher tablets and bleach. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of washing with this mix of detergents.

Idea number 18: lemon freshness

Instead of a fabric softener with an unnatural smell, use a simple and very effective way to scent your bed linen: add lemon juice to the detergent while washing. It will add extra freshness to your laundry.

Idea # 19: all the colors of the rainbow

Colored things have lost their former brightness? To bring back their juicy color, add a cup of table salt while rinsing. You can rest assured that on a crowded street you will be seen from afar.

Idea number 20: the magic of black

And brewed coffee or strong tea will help keep the black color rich. Add the cooled beverage to the rinse cycle. Caffeine will give your clothes a deep black shade and give you a boost of vitality throughout the day.

Idea # 21: Whiter than White

Dirty white shirt? Forget about stain remover: treat the stain with vinegar and baking soda, then machine wash your shirt. Now you can safely put it on in a restaurant or for a picnic – after all, you are no longer afraid of stains.

Idea number 22: no lumps

Wash coats, down jackets, and quilts with three tennis balls. They will not allow the fluff to roll, and when rinsed, they will clean the clothes from the remaining detergent.

Idea number 23: gentle wash

It is better to wash clothes at 30 ° C. After all, washing in this mode is more gentle and neat in relation to things, thereby prolonging their life. In addition, at low temperatures, fabrics almost do not shed, which means that you will be insured against surprises with dyed things.

Idea number 24: the main one for cleanliness

Your washing machine needs cleaning too. Run one cycle with hot water mixed with white vinegar several times a year. Will be as good as new!

Idea number 25: ready for anything

Prepare for the January snowfalls and make your shoes waterproof. To do this, carefully lubricate it along the seams with castor oil. You can buy it at a pharmacy or hardware store.

Idea number 26: order in the house

And to keep the traces of water and snow from staining the hallway, fill the lid from under the shoebox with small stones and use it as a shoe rack during bad weather. Stones can be found in the forest or brought from the cottage.

Idea # 27: the secret of James Bond

Shiny boots are the calling card of any man, especially at a New Year’s party. A regular black and white newspaper will help to achieve the desired effect: wipe your shoes with it after applying the cream, and the shoes will sparkle.

Idea number 28: softer than silk

The spools on your favorite sweater are not a reason to put it in the back drawer of the closet. Moreover, getting rid of them is easier than you think. Clean it with the hard side of a dishwashing sponge and forget about the spools forever.

Idea # 29: childhood friend

Greasy stains from door handles and plastic surfaces can be easily wiped off with a regular eraser. Rub it properly on the dirty places – and everything will shine. Cleaning your home has never been so fast!

Idea # 30: secret weapon

It is not so easy to polish silverware to a shine. But we have a way out: put a piece of chalk wrapped in cheesecloth in a box of silver. It will protect cutlery from tarnishing and stains.

Idea number 31: refresh and neutralize

A microwave oven is a multifunctional appliance. It can be used to freshen sponges and plastic cutting boards, eliminating odors and germs. It takes just a minute to warm them at a high temperature.

Idea number 32: the enemy of all germs

And to keep the dishwashing sponge dry and clean for as long as possible, pinch it after use with a paper clip. You can rest assured that it will serve you for more than one month.

Idea number 33: new life for the pan

Do not rush to pass the death sentence on a burnt pan. To descale the dishes, wash them with a sponge dipped in vinegar and baking soda. There will be no trace of scale.

Idea number 34: express cleaning

Can’t clean your plastic cutting boards? Soak them in the sink – they’ll be as good as new in an hour. Use salt and lemon juice to clean wood planks.

Idea # 35: Big Cleaning

And the grid, which sells onions and oranges, is perfect for cleaning the pan efficiently. Moisten the mesh with water and scrub the surface of the pan: the scale will disappear instantly – like magic.

Idea number 36: the benefits of waste paper

Does every trash bag change turn into inevitable cleaning of the floors? Next time, put old newspapers on the bottom of the bag: they will absorb liquid from the food and free you from unexpected cleaning.

Idea # 37: sparkling blender

Warm water with a few drops of liquid soap in a working blender is an effective and very budget cleaner for this kitchen appliance. Just remember to rinse it off with clean water after cleaning.

Idea number 38: no divorce

Dishwashing detergents do not always remove plaque from tea and coffee cups. Regular baking soda can handle this easily. Apply a small amount of baking soda to the soft side of the sponge and wash the dishes.

Idea number 39: natural freshness

Baking soda isn’t just for the kitchen. Put a small amount of baking soda in a small bag or jar with holes – a natural and very economical air freshener is ready.

Idea # 40: under control

Save money on dry cleaning and manually clean the interior of your car. Make a soapy solution with baking soda and vinegar and use a stiff brush to remove any imperfections.