The already mentioned aloe extract copes well with inflammation of the conjunctiva. Soak a clean swab, cotton ball, or piece of gauze with juice and apply (like a compress) over your eyes and leave for five to ten minutes.

Aloe can also be used to make a very effective solution. Take a few freshly cut leaves of the plant, put them in a container, and pour boiling water over it. Wait until the temperature of the liquid drops to a comfortable level (room temperature or slightly higher) and rinse your eyes with it. To achieve maximum effectiveness, the procedure should be repeated three to four times a day.

The swelling of the eyelids, which occurs with chronic conjunctivitis, is handled by compresses from ordinary tea leaves. Brew a strong (but not overly) black tea, cool it down to a comfortable temperature, and soak cotton pads in it. They should be placed on your eyes for no longer than twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure four to five times a day.

Home hygiene for allergy sufferers.


Simple daily recommendations that allergy sufferers should follow can significantly reduce the number of allergy attacks. Here is some of them:

  • Perform a thorough damp cleaning of your home regularly. Wipe clean, vacuum at high power, wash all surfaces. 
  • Use dust covers for pillowcases, mattresses, and upholstered furniture. It is easier to wash them regularly;
  • Wash stuffed toys regularly if there are children in the house;
  • Use synthetic-filled bedding (duvets and pillows) rather than feathers;
  • If possible, install dehumidifiers in the bathroom and kitchen; if mold appears, remove it with special chemicals;
  • Maintain a slightly cool temperature at home – at 20-22 degrees;
  • Use air purifiers.

Besides, it will be useful for allergy sufferers to introduce several simple habits into their everyday life: rinse your throat more often when you come home from the street (with herbal infusions or boiled water), change clothes more often, and take a shower at least once a day, and preferably several times a day. Ventilate all rooms in your home regularly.

We hope that these simple recommendations will help you to endure allergic conditions easier and more comfortably and will provide effective help for allergies at home. And please do not postpone the visit to the doctor if you feel worse or do not see any positive dynamics in your well-being.


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