smart life! Here is what it means for us, declined in 5 daily life hacks which are all the little things that we put in place in our lives to live better, know yourself, cultivate your true self and live more smart!

1- Always be on the move and appreciate the road traveled

Whether it’s by train, plane, or running, movement is essential. Often, it is a question of going from point A to point B but it should never be forgotten: the important thing is not the goal but the way! Movement is what makes you discover unknown regions and go to the other. The two most important things in the world in my opinion!

Movement is also in the head. It is the one who leads you to question things, not to accept the status quo and on the contrary, to accept to go back on things that you thought you had acquired.

Of course, enjoying the path is not always easy. Do you always look around when you run? Do you always speak to the person sitting next to you on the plane? Take the time to see the progress made: do you react better to certain situations than before? Do you like to go beyond your comfort zone? Do you feel more ready to discover the world?

So many questions that will help you move forward and stay in motion!

2- Work on yourself in all circumstances

Nothing is positive, nothing is negative. Everything is experience! Once you understand and integrate that, everything is fine. And this is not a way of speaking, everything is really good since we can see the positive everywhere.

Let’s take a recurring example: your flight is delayed! This is something that happens to me often since I take the plane a lot (long live my entrepreneurial life!). It even gave me the idea to share my life hacks at the airport with you! So I learned the following few life-saving things:

Stay calm and never get angry – even when I’m exhausted and I want to cry

Provide a small snack (one of our small cookies) and enough things to do to be busy even if I am 3 hours late

Take the opportunity to ask myself the following question: what have I done extraordinary today? And if I don’t answer anything, then I call my grandmother, I smile at someone or I send a message to a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

On this subject, I advise you to listen to Robert Cooper in his Upwire podcast. The episodes last about 20 minutes and are life-changing.

3- Learn from experiences

I’m someone who talked a lot and had an opinion on everything. And then something happened to me.

This is a meeting that I made by completely signing up for a yoga class at Maitri, a yogi who teaches when she returns to France. Otherwise, she spends most of her time in India and returns each time with new learning in her suitcases. I was therefore welcomed at Maitri’s where everything was white and wood, she was also white and gave off an energy which I still remember almost 5 years later. She doesn’t talk much but she doesn’t need it. The interior light and the kindness that animate it is enough. Since then, I’ve come across several people who don’t talk much and are just amazing.

Simply because now I notice them and I seek their company because they inspire by example.

It seems insignificant but you will see that in our conception of “Smart Life”, interactions with others are essential. Take the time to look around and spot these people who are real hidden treasures and let yourself be surprised!

4 – Living a smart life is learning to say yes and say no!

It is not a question of saying no to saying no but rather of not saying “Amen” to everything that I am told or offered. Saying no and saying yes can be learned. First, because you have to prove yourself: do I tend to say yes or say no? And then try to understand what suits us and balance the balance of yes and no based on that.

For example, for me, I tend to always say yes when I feel that they need me (or when I imagine that they need me). On the other hand, I often say no to what, for me, is not a duty, what I consider to be relaxation or leisure. Result? I never take a break and forget my needs for the benefit of others. In my goal of “smart life”, I have learned and I continue to learn to consult my inner compass before saying yes or no. So ask yourself the question. Am I saying yes (or no) because I want it or because I think that’s what is expected of me?

5- Bring your stone to the building

We are going to die. I know, it’s not trendy, it’s not happy to say that. But that allows one thing: to stay the course with its inner compass. To force yourself to make decisions about where you want to go. Our time on earth is limited and we cannot afford to sail by sight. In any case, not too long.

The ultimate life hack for that is to ask myself the following question every day: what have I done extraordinary today? It may sound silly and maybe at first, you will often say “nothing” to yourself. But it will force your brain out of its comfort zone and go for these extraordinary little moments. After a few days, you will say to yourself: “Okay, I have 5 hours left to do something extraordinary. And you’re going to start calling your grandmother, smiling at strangers, wanting to volunteer, listening to the co-worker who’s not doing well in the office, and feeling better. Because the more you give, the more you receive, it’s as simple as that.

There, pea! Now you know everything about the Youpeas philosophy and what we are trying to apply day after day in the team and in our relationships with all those who, directly or indirectly, work with us and allow us to move forward.

I hope you enjoyed reading me, that you find yourself in these life hacks and that you, too, are ready to live the smart life to which we aspire!