“You decide how happy you are.” – That actually sounds very simple, but how do you implement this sentence in everyday life? The right motivation and a few tricks and tricks can work wonders. Here professional coach Marius Kursawe reveals 7 happiness hacks that will help him to be happy in his own life:

1. Practice gratitude

Thankfully, gratitude is the silver bullet. Many studies show that the ability to express gratitude has the greatest impact on our satisfaction. The good thing is: we can practice being thankful. Start by telling five people you care about exactly that. No matter whether in a detailed letter, an email, or via WhatsApp – the main thing is to express your gratitude.

2. “Yes, and” instead of “Yes, but”

Criticizing is easy. Everyone knows that: How quickly can you find something bad about an idea? And there always seem to be reasons why something can’t work. In our culture, we are always looking for hair in the soup instead of thinking about how we can achieve something. It starts with the language. Whoever says “yes, but” makes ideas small instead of making them big. Just try to delete “Yes, but” for a day and replace it with “Yes, and”.

3. Give happiness

Making other people happy makes you happy. This is also confirmed by studies of happiness research. Because if you make others happy, you will experience pure happiness yourself. By the way, it doesn’t have to be expensive. A smile costs nothing. And whoever is there for another person when he needs him, is giving his time. And what could be more valuable?

4. Collect happiness

In retrospect, we often decide whether we live a happy life or not. We forget how many happy moments we are given in everyday life. Start collecting those moments. Simply collect a small note each time on a piece of paper and this piece of paper in a large jar of jam. On bad days, just take a handful of luck out of the glass and

5. My Future Self

Many people are dissatisfied with their current life situation, but only a few really change anything. They lack a concrete vision of their future. Something that makes you want to put it into practice. Write down your vision! On a piece of paper, describe how you want to live in three years: where and how do you live? What job do you have How do you spend your time and with whom? By the way: You can think a little bolder here. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a vision anymore!

6. “Good enough week”

Perfectionism can make you unhappy. Because whoever strives for 100 percent performance (or even more) is simply wasting his energy and is often disappointed if the goal is not achieved. Think about the situations and tasks in which 80 or even 60 percent might be enough. You will be surprised how often “good enough” is completely ok. Establish a “good enough week” in which you try to lock perfectionism out of your life with a smile.

7. Keep your mouth shut

A Chinese proverb is: “If what you want to say is not more beautiful than silence, then be silent!” On the one hand, it reminds us that listening is often more important than talking non-stop. It also motivates us to think about what we have to say. Is it really important or more verbal fast food for the daily dose of small talk?