How to recognize a lack of iron in the body?

A person has fatigue, loss of appetite, fatigue. You can find out about the lack of iron in the body by taking a blood test. If a person eats properly, enough iron is supplied to the body. In this regard, it is especially useful to eat beef, veal. There is a lot of iron in fish, poultry, liver. it is better to steam or bake in the oven. With a lack of iron in the body, nails exfoliate, hair falls out, the skin becomes pale, dries, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity becomes inflamed, and deviations begin in the gastrointestinal tract. According to doctors, people who do not eat meat should drink iron-rich preparations. However, in this case, it is important to consult your doctor.

Chocolate protects against stroke

American scientists have found that the substance contained in chocolate flavonoids regulates blood circulation in the body, protecting against stroke and paralysis. According to Carl Lin, a nutritionist at the University of California, a piece of dark chocolate replaces 6 apples, 4-5 cups of tea.

The benefits of prunes

Prunes promote the elimination of cholesterol from the body, which is very useful for atherosclerosis and gallbladder diseases. The potassium contained in it removes excess water and salt from the body. For this reason, those with kidney and liver problems should give preference to this loot. However, it is very nutritious, it is not recommended to eat it for people suffering from diabetes and obesity, experts advise.