Bra hacks, every girl or woman would have encountered many bra problems during the years, like straps digging into our shoulders, boob spillage, unfortunate strap won’t stay put and appearances, or you can’t figure out what to wear with your new backless dress. From making your bra more comfortable to make your boobies look better in it, these 8 amazing bra hacks are sure to help you better master this very important support staple of your everyday wardrobe and make your life so much easier.

Bra hacks: How To Make A Bra Strap Converter For Low-Back Dresses In 5 Minutes

DIY: How To Make A Bra Strap Converter For Low-Back Dresses In 5 Minutes.

Every girl loves to wear a low back dress. But they would be often faced with an embarrassing problem:this type of dress is to be able to see what type of bra you are wearing. Here is a quick DIY project that might nix such qualms in the future. DIY tutorial via Extrapetite.

How To Fix The Most Painful Bra Problem In Seconds

How To Fix The Most Painful Bra Problem In Seconds。

When the underwire from your bra has broken through the fabric and is actively trying to stab you, you are not advised to throw away it immediately with this bra hack. Just feed the underwire back in and cover the hole with a small piece of moleskin. Get the tutorial via One Good Thing by Jillee.

How To Keep A Strapless Bra Up

How to Keep a Strapless Bra Up.

Strapless bra looks beautiful. But it has a major struggle, strapless bras are never tight enough especially for small boobies and they always fall down! Here is a trick to keep it up and rock the strapless style comfortably and confidently by wrapping the straps. Get the inspiration via the image tutorial.

Prevent Bra Straps From Digging In Your Shoulders

Prevent Bra Straps from Digging In Your Shoulders.

Clever bra strap cushions holders keep bra straps securely in place and stop them from slipping and prevent the bra straps from digging in your shoulder.

DIY Easy Lace Bra Top


DIY Easy Lace Bra Top.

Refresh the common bra by adding the romantic and feminine lace top. It is perfect to wear on at the seaside or under summery jackets and blouses. DIY tutorial via source.

Prevent Bra Cups Crushed With Socks

Prevent Bra Cups Crushed with Socks.

When you’re packing bras for a trip, you can bunch up a few socks or a pair of underwear and place them inside the cups of your bras to help the bra keep its shape inside your luggage and prevent them get crushed.

Hang Multiple Bras Up With Hanger To Save Space In A Small Closet

Hang Multiple Bras Up with Hanger to Save Space In A Small Closet.

You can hang multiple bras from the same hanger by folding them over the bottom part of the hanger to save space. This is also a good way to hang your clean bras up to dry!


DIY 3 Strap Bra For Backless Tops And Dresses

DIY 3 Strap Bra For Backless Tops And Dresses.

Transform a plain strapless bra into an attractive one with 3 straps for backless tops and dresses.