8 Signs Your Heart Is Not Working Right

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 610 thousand people have problems with heart disease every year. Both men and women are affected by heart disease for a variety of reasons linked to their lifestyle. However, many signs and warnings inform us about heart disease.

My Daily Hacks has collected 8 common heart disease warnings that you should pay attention to.

1.Pain radiating to the arm

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While many men experience pain in the left arm, women experience the same pain in both arms. This is because the pain from the heart is linked to many nerves of your body, so it goes to your spinal cord, thinking your arm is in real pain when this is not the case.

2.Cough that does not leave any mood

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Cough can be derived from various issues and can also be a sign of cardiovascular disease. A persistent cough that produces a pinkish fluid in the blood is linked to heart failure. But it is a sub-symptom of a much more serious symptom, which is cough, dyspnoea, and sudden loss of breath. Read more symptoms to take care of on the next page.


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