Best home remedies for allergies

Allergic dermatitis. How to relieve itchy allergies at home?

The simplest yet free remedy for allergic dermatitis is a cold shower, which constricts blood vessels and reduces the amount of allergen released through the pores. Besides, a cool shower will relieve itching. Yes, not everyone is ready for such procedures – if it is difficult for you to take a cold shower several times a day, you can simply apply cold compresses to the inflamed area. Just grab a clean towel dampened with cold water or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes.

Another inexpensive way to combat allergic itching is apple cider vinegar, which has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Simply dampen a piece of clean cloth with a few drops of vinegar and apply it to the inflamed area. The vinegar must be organic and unfiltered. 

Also, ordinary olive oil, which contains vitamin E and antioxidants that moisturize the skin, is considered a good anti-itch remedy.

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One of the classic treatments for an allergic skin reaction is herbs. For example, pharmacy chamomile, a decoction of which can be applied (using a compress) to the affected skin area or added to the bath. Also, the broth is used as a rinse for the nose and throat, as well as for ingestion in case of stomach discomfort.

Another of the effective herbs can be distinguished a series of three-part (baths, compresses, washing), oregano (lotions), celandine (baths, lotions), aloe vera in the form of a gel, cream or fresh juice (lotions), mint leaves (applied and tied to the affected site).

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In addition to medications, cold compresses do a good job with inflammation of the mucous membrane around the eyes. Dampen a clean towel with ice water or place teaspoons in the freezer and apply to your eyes. Open the next page to continue reading.

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