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Attention: Know these 7 unhealthy habits that cause a bloated stomach

First, most types of alcohol, especially beer, contain large amounts of carbohydrate calories. So, heavy drinking is essentially the same as having a very large liquid meal.

This can make you feel full, just like any other calorie consumption. Second, alcohol is damaged to the lining of the stomach.

6-Carbonated Drinks

Both carbonated sodas and drinks can refresh and satisfy you when you are thirsty.

Nevertheless, they are not the best option for your body because they give no nutritional benefits and they only contain substances that can inflame the stomach

and may lead to numerous other digestive issues. So if you want to keep your midsection looking a little flatter stick with plain old H2O.


5-Drinking Less Water

Ever notice the day after you’ve been eating salty foods or drinking alcohol that you become dehydrated and bloated as a result?

It might seem counterintuitive, but the more water you drink (or consume in water-heavy foods) and the better you stay hydrated, the less bloating you’re likely to deal with.

Not consuming enough amount of water is one of the most common bad habits of people. Dehydration can make your body hold onto the fluid that it has. It will eventually result in stomach bloating. Open the next page to continue reading:


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