13 foods that will rid your body of bad cholesterol (100% trusted)


Recently, atherosclerosis has become one of the most common diseases on our planet. It is caused by the deposition of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels of the human body.

Various sources claim the polar opposite. According to the first, cholesterol is oh how harmful. The latter insists that it is useful. You read it and no longer know what to believe. But the most interesting thing is that both sides are right.

The point is that cholesterol is “good” and “bad”. The first type is quite dense and even helps to deduce the second. But if he does not cope, and there is too much bad substance, it settles on the inner walls of the arteries and capillaries.

After a while, the accumulations turn into plaques, narrowing the lumen in the vessels and interfering with the normal blood flow. Further, it is even better: the organs no longer receive the required amount of oxygen, which leads to heart attack, stroke, and several other dangerous diseases.

Where does cholesterol come from?

There are three main sources. Food is one of them, but to the surprise of many, it is not the main source. 60% of bad cholesterol is produced by the liver. How this amount will be distributed depends on the health of this organ. 20% is produced by the adrenal glands, which regulate the production of hormones, as well as the processing of cholesterol. Another 20% of bad cholesterol enters the body with food. This means that not all food is healthy and you need to know which foods can reduce cholesterol levels.


Dozen of the best products

Of course, there are more of them. But we tried to find the most affordable products, which will not be difficult to buy and prepare. It is not necessary to eat each of the lists daily, but at least 70% must be present in the diet regularly. Then cholesterol won’t have the slightest chance of ruining your life.


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Regular use of infusion, syrup, extract, or rosehip tea will help lower cholesterol and cleanse blood vessels. To preserve all useful substances in dry fruits, it is better to steam them with boiling water and insist. When boiling, some of the nutrients are lost.