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13 dangerous toxins on your table and some solutions

7.Polyaromatic hydrocarbons

These carcinogens are formed when fat is heated – directly over a fire or in dishes at very high temperatures.

Solution: Gently prepare food, use the grill only for cooking at a low temperature.

8.Heterocyclic amines

Carcinogenic compounds. Formed during high-temperature processing of meat and fish, for example, when frying over an open fire. Solution: Prepare food in other, more gentle ways. Fry at a low temperature only in the final stage of cooking.



Formed during high-temperature culinary processing of starchy and flour products (fried potatoes, baked goods). Acrylamide is a carcinogen.

Solution: Eliminate fried foods, chips, crackers, toasted cereals, cookies, and bread crumbs from your diet.

10. Brominated vegetable oil

Used in fruit-flavored and carbonated drinks. Animal studies have shown that high doses of this toxic substance lead to reproductive and behavioral problems. Solution: Carefully study the list of ingredients before purchasing. Open the next page to read more:

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